How and why learn Danish as a foreign student in Denmark?

Copenhagen in Denmark

Learning Danish as a foreign student in Denmark can greatly enhance your experience and opportunities during your time in the country. By enrolling in a Danish course, such as those offered by Speak, you can quickly acquire the language skills needed to communicate effectively in various contexts.

Start by enrolling in a Danish course

The first step to learning Danish as a foreign student in Denmark is to enroll in a Danish course. Speak offers a variety of intensive Danish classes suitable for students at all levels. Whether you prefer classroom instruction, online learning, one-on-one lessons, or a blended approach, Speak has the right course for you. You can choose between daytime, evening, Saturday, or Skype lessons, allowing you to find a schedule that fits your needs.

By enrolling in a Danish course at Speak, you can expect to receive high-quality instruction from dedicated teachers with extensive experience in teaching Danish. The classes are officially approved, and you will receive recognized examination certificates and module test certificates upon completion, at no additional cost.

Speak: The Obvious Choice for Danish Courses

Speak is one of the largest language schools in the Copenhagen area, making it a hub for students seeking specialized courses tailored to their specific needs and backgrounds. Whether you are a student or employee at DTU looking for a specially designed intensive Danish course, a doctor aiming for authorization in Denmark and in need of specialized Danish language training, or an au pair seeking targeted Danish courses, Speak has you covered.

Make Danish friends and practice the Danish language

One of the key benefits of learning Danish as a foreign student in Denmark is the ability to make Danish friends and engage in meaningful conversations with locals. Speaking Danish allows you to connect with Danes on a deeper level, understand their culture, and participate in social activities more fully.

When you have Danish friends, you have the opportunity to practice the language outside of the classroom. Conversations with native speakers provide invaluable real-life practice, allowing you to improve your fluency, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Danish friends can also help you navigate the intricacies of the language, offering guidance and support as you progress in your language learning journey.

Why is it an advantage to be able to speak Danish as a foreign student in Denmark?

Being able to speak Danish as a foreign student in Denmark offers numerous advantages. Here are a few reasons why learning Danish is beneficial:

  1. Integration: Speaking Danish helps you integrate into Danish society more easily. You can engage with locals, understand Danish media, and participate in social and cultural events.
  2. Education and employment: Danish language skills can open doors to educational and employment opportunities. Many universities and employers in Denmark require or prefer candidates who can communicate effectively in Danish.
  3. Quality of life: Speaking Danish allows you to access a broader range of experiences and services. From navigating healthcare systems to interacting with local communities, knowing the language enhances your overall quality of life in Denmark.